the chefs And instructors


Bradley Ogden, culinary director

Chef Bradley Ogden is a James Beard Award winning culinary master.  Hailing from the Bay Area, Chef Bradley Ogden rose to national prominence as the executive chef for San Francisco’s renowned Campton Place Hotel.  Later, he and partner Michael Dellar opened Ogden’s signature restaurant, The Lark Creek Inn in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, which has been acclaimed by leading critics and publications as one of the best restaurants in the nation. Next came One Market Restaurant in San Francisco, Lark Creek in Walnut Creek and San Mateo, Yankee Pier in Larkspur, Parcel 104 in Santa Clara, and Arterra in Del Mar. Chef Bradley Ogden is recognized as a pioneer and inspiration to many in the culinary field, transforming traditional American food into superbly updated fare.  Ogden, a native of Traverse City, Michigan, feels that perhaps the greatest influence on his cooking came from his early exposure to fresh, Native American foods. “Coming from the Midwest, I grew up with freshly caught trout, free-range chickens, and hand-picked fruits and vegetables. As my culinary training exposed me to new techniques and ingredients, I never lost my appreciation for those basic tastes.” His philosophy remains “Keep it simple; use the freshest ingredients available and put them together in such a way that the flavors, colors, and textures combine to bring out the best in each other.”  The passionate commitment to this philosophy has guided Chef Ogden’s illustrious award winning career that has influenced the evolution of American cuisine for over four decades and cultivated this all-American chef.

LORRAINE HITCHCOCK, Culinary Education Coordinator for Wine & Roses.

After thirty-three years as a dental hygienist and educator, Lorraine fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a kitchen store and cooking school. In 1996, she opened Beyond Pots and Pans in Stockton, California. From its inception, Beyond Pots & Pans was dedicated to helping home cooks learn the proper techniques to create extraordinary dishes in their own kitchens. Now retired from the retail industry, she serves as the Culinary Education Coordinator at W&R. Lorraine is a member of The International Association of Culinary Professionals.


GUEST Instructor Randy Caparoso

Randy Caparoso is a wine consultant and wine journalist who has devoted himself to a career managing, judging, speaking, producing and writing about wine since 1978.  He is an acclaimed Lodi Wine expert. Currently: Editor-at-Large/Bottom Line Columnist, The SOMM Journal; Contributing Editor, The Tasting Panel. Awards: Sante's Wine & Food Professional of the Year (1998); Restaurant Wine's Wine Marketer of the Year (1992 & 1999); Academy of Wine Communications (commendation) for Excellence in Wine Writing and Encouragement of Higher Industry Standards; Electoral College Member, Vintners Hall of Fame at the Culinary Institute of America, Greystone.

GUEST Instructor Katie Wood

Katie Wood, owner and designer Ainslie Lane Cookie Studio located in Lodi, CA, has been decorating cookies for 18 years. Katie teaches cookie decorating techniques to individuals of all skill levels. Katie’s creations are truly unique and works of art.