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Cooking Class- Blind Tasting with Special Host Randy Caparoso



Wine tasting is not an “art” per se, since we consume wine mainly for pleasure and to compliment our meals. But there is such a thing as getting as much pleasure as possible out of wines; and to achieve that, wine professionals practice as much “blind” tasting as possible. Why? Because when you taste wine without knowing exactly what it is you are tasting, you are forcing your sensory perceptions to zero in on qualities in the glass, and to verbalize what you are perceiving. It is not a parlor trick. It is simply a matter of conditioning your senses, hence your mind, to maximize your wine experiences.

This will be a blind tasting of 12 of Lodi’s finest wines, most of them representing the cutting-edge of Lodi winegrowing today.  This event will be a fun, layman’s introduction to the identification and delineation of sensations — led by 40-year wine professional (mostly as restaurateur/wine director) and award-winning journalist Randy Caparoso, who lives in Lodi and pens the blogs, besides serving as Editor-at-Large for The SOMM Journal.

$90 per person, tax inclusive

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