W&RWeddings_HoldingHandsFood and Beverage Policies & Menu Guidelines
The following policies and menu guidelines are in place so that we can provide
our guests with the highest quality service and culinary experience.

Menu Selections:
Menu items may be seasonal and alternate items may be recommended due to availability of seasonal items.
For events with 14 people or less, you may select 1 main entrée course selection for all guests.
For events with 15-29 people, you may select up to 2 main entrée course selections for all guests.
For events with 30 people or more, you may select up to 3 main entrée course selections for all guests.

First, Second, and Dessert Course must be the same selection for all guests.

If you choose menu selections that differ in price, the higher price menu item prevails for all selections.

Selection Choices for your guests will need to have pre-counts, and be provided
to your Event Specialist 10 days prior to the event date.

For multiple entrée selections, you will need to provide entrée indicators to your Event Specialist.

For Dinner events, a minimum of 3 courses is required (i.e.; First Course, Entrée, and Dessert.

If you are hosting an evening event serving hors d’ oeuvres only, a $25 per person minimum must be met.

Coffee and Hot tea, and local, artisan breads &butter are included with entrée selections.

For Buffets:
A 25 person minimum is required for the Brunch Buffet.
A 15 person minimum is required for the Hot Lunch Buffet.
A 30 person minimum is required for the Dinner Buffet.

Chef Fees apply for Action & Carving Stations. (See Menu for pricing.)

If you choose to provide your own wine, a corkage fee of $15 per 750 ml will apply.

Anyone in attendance consuming alcoholic beverages must be of 21 years of age, and required to provide valid identification.

Current applicable state tax (8%) and a 22% Service Charge applies to all Food and Beverage selections.

Food & beverage minimums apply for events. Food & beverage minimums must be met prior to
tax and service charge being added.

Prices are per person prices unless otherwise indicated within the menu.

Additional charges may apply for custom menus, entrees, or additional chef time.

A $3.50 per guest cake fee applies for all events.

Menu Tastings:
Menu Tastings are available and coordinated through your Event Specialist.
A $110 (plus sales tax and service charge) (1-4 people) charge applies.


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