Our experienced therapists are multi-talented in many aspects of massage and we take great pride in their healing qualities. Professional skills and an understanding of the needs of each individual are important to ensure every experience is customized. Therapists will determine the guest’s specific needs during a brief consultation.

Wellness Massage
A classic full body Swedish-style massage, integrating the intuitive unique skills of the individual therapist. 60 min. $110,  90 min. $165

Deep Tissue Massage
Therapeutic, firm pressure addresses tension and discomfort in fatigued and overworked muscles. Pressure is adjusted to your individual needs. 60 min. $125, 90 min. $185

Pregnancy Massage
Massage during pregnancy provides many benefits including reduced stress, increased circulation and relief from muscle soreness. For second and third trimester only. 60 min. $110

Sticks and Stones
Relaxing yet deep massage with sculpted basalt stones, handmade Birchwood massagers, and natural oils. Tactile and mechanical stimuli, combined with the warm flowing massage movements of the stones support the purification of tissue, relieve tension and stimulate the metabolism. 60 min. $110

Detox Cupping Massage
Gentle breathing and detoxifying massage techniques revitalize the body and prepare it for the subsequent intense circulation-stimulating massage with cups and natural oils. This balanced treatment of a slimming massage and skin-protecting active ingredients promotes revitalization and elasticity of the skin.  60 min. $110

La Stone
The original hot stone treatment. It is said that the stones hold the memory of the universe. Create your own memories with this soulful experience that incorporates both warm and chilled stones to deeply relax and heal. 90 min. $180

W&R Ultimate Treatment
Begins with an organic body scrub, a rinse in our private outdoor shower, followed by a luxurious application via massage of your choice of our exquisite body butters. During your wrap, a face massage completes the ultimate experience. The results are deep relaxation of the mind and lasting hydration of the body. 90 min. $180

Silky Skin Body Polish
An invigorating organic exfoliating treatment to uncover gorgeous skin that feels soft, supple and renewed. Followed by an application of vitamin rich lotion. A lovely service on it’s own as well as a perfect add-on to any massage. 45 min. $80

Organic Icing on the Cake
Luscious layers of honey, carrot, lemon and vanilla, all applied after exfoliation and wrapped in warm blankets. A sensation for the senses and body, provides deep relaxation, vitamin rich nutrients for the skin, and exquisite hydration. 60 min. $110

Honey Bee Good
This luxurious and hydrating body treatment utilizes a deep relaxing myofacial massage technique using immune boosting honey and warm oil. A warm Propolis beeswax thermal pad is applied to the back to relieve muscle tension. 60 min. $110  -add a milk and honey face mask, $15

European Seaweed Wrap
A warm and soothing treatment that utilizes the finest harvested seaweed from France’s Brittany Coast. Detoxifies, tones and re-mineralizes the skin. An excellent choice to reduce water retention, hydrate or reverse over-indulgence. 60 min. $110

Perfect Contour Treatment
After a showerless, rinseless scrub polishes the skin to a satin finish, a contouring massage balm is used with specific techniques to reshape the figure, boost fat burning, and firm the skin. This scrub and massage combo allows you to relax, slim, and gain a glowing complexion at the same time! For dramatic slimming, reshaping results, enjoy this massage in a series.  60 minutes, $110

Celluli Attack
A spot treatment of a vigorous cupping technique that stimulates the stubborn cellulite prone areas and can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite in turn making the skin appear smooth and firm. An application of Celluli Attack from Phytomer completes the experience. 30 minute treatment; a series is recommended.  30 minutes, $55


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