Our experienced therapists are multi-talented in many aspects of massage and we take great pride in their healing qualities. Professional skills and an understanding of the needs of each individual are important to ensure every experience is customized. Therapists will determine the guest’s specific needs during a brief consultation.

Wine & Roses Wellness Massage
A classic full body Swedish-style massage, integrating the intuitive unique skills of the individual therapist. Full hour $105, One and one quarter hour $130, One and one half hour $155

Deep Tissue Massage
Therapeutic, firm pressure addresses tension and discomfort in fatigued and overworked muscles. Pressure is adjusted to your individual needs. Full hour $125, One and one quarter hour $155, One and one half hours $185

Pregnancy Massage
Designed to soothe the specific needs of the mommy-to-be.
For second and third trimester only. Full hour $105

La Stone
The original hot stone treatment. It is said that the stones hold the memory of the universe. Create your own memories with this soulful experience that incorporates both warm and chilled stones to deeply relax and heal. One and one half hour $175

Wine & Roses Ultimate Treatment
Our signature treatment begins with an organic body scrub, a rinse in our private outdoor shower, followed by a luxurious, application via massage of your choice of our exquisite body butters. During your wrap, a face massage completes the ultimate experience. The results are deep relaxation of the mind and lasting hydration of the body. One and one half hour $175


o sole o mio
A stimulating massage for the feet and lower legs. Helps to increase circulation. $30


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